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Dr Cameron McLaren


  • Oncology


Dr Cameron McLaren is a Medical Oncologist with main areas of specialty in genitourinary, gastrointestinal, lung, and breast cancers. Dr McLaren enjoys educating patients so they understand the reasons for the treatment decisions we have to make along the way. Dr McLaren is also involved in Palliative Care and is happy to help with General Medical or Perioperative work.

Background and Education

Dr McLaren completed his internship through to Basic Physicians’ training at MonashHealth. He then did a year of Advanced Training in General Medicine also at Monash (in the Acute Assessment Unit and the Intensive Care) before undertaking his Medical Oncology training through Peninsula Health, MonashHealth, and Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre.

Dr McLaren studied at the University of New South Wales from 2001-2010, where he completed a Bachelor of Science (Health & Sports) before starting his Medical training. He did a year of research attached to the Trauma Unit at the Royal Melbourne Hospital in 2008 (back when he wanted to be a surgeon!), before completing his last two years at the Wagga Wagga Rural Clinical School.

Dr McLaren lives locally in Berwick and is looking forward to long relationships with his patients and specialists in the area.

MBBS , BSc (Hons) , FRACP
Phone: 03 9769 7227
Fax: 03 7969 5328
Email: [email protected]